About Us

Why Bekantan?

Bekantan is an Indonesian name of the proboscis monkey, a unique species endemic to the island of Borneo. Due to their specific dietary likes and dislikes they cannot be found in any zoo or anywhere else but their natural habitat of Borneo. It makes the long-nosed monkey an absolutely unique species.

Furthermore, there is the characteristic 🙂 funny appearance and literally human facial expression :). It was thanks to these specific features that the proboscis monkey has gained their huge popularity on the Internet and the fictitious character of Janusz Nosacz [Janusz the long-nosed monkey] was born. The latter is the hero of countless mems and movies on YouTube. We have also got infected with this popularity:)

Why BEKANTAN energy drink?

Aware of the popularity of energy drinks in the fast-paced, hectic lifestyle of the modern world, we concluded that it can be done better. Without unnecessary chemicals and with care of quality instead. BEKANTAN energy drink has only natural ingredients and in addition it is VEGAN, which makes it a real alternative for products of gigantic concerns. For us BEKANTAN is not only a brand but also a lifestyle.

Supporting the proboscis monkey

Like many animal species the long-nosed monkey is threatened with extinction. Unfortunately, the Borneo rainforests, which are their natural home, are being destroyed at a terrifyingly rapid pace. The merciless big business does not just cut down the oldest forests on Earth (145 million years); it burns them down. Every year deliberately started enormous fires affect Borneo causing thousands of animals to die and reducing their natural habitat. To make matters worse, there is also large scale poaching. That is why we have decided to allocate some of the profits from sales of BEKANTAN energy drinks to the special program of saving the proboscis monkey developed by a research facility, Danau Girang Field Center situated in the middle of the jungle in Malesia. We want the long-nosed monkey, which provides us with so much fun, to survive and it is the mission of our company.

Why don’t you embark on this adventure? We are certain that it is possible to change the surrounding world for better and our view is that instead of complaining it is worth looking for solutions. We believe in the power of the community and we are building one around our undertaking :), caring for tomorrow. Join us now! You are welcome!

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